[LabUpdates] Laboratory Formulary Committee Updates - MRSA screening and Microbiology reporting and notification

Matthew Elkins ElkinsM at upstate.edu
Fri Oct 29 12:15:13 EDT 2021

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Medicine and laboratory testing are constantly changing. In an attempt to keep us all on the same page, the Laboratory Formulary Committee will be regularly sending out emails with recent updates and guidances. Below are the short versions of relevant changes. Attached are more in-depth resources about the changes.

Update to MRSA screening: To optimize testing for nasal colonization, MRSA culture (code LAB234) will be discontinued 11/2/2021 in favor of PCR testing using Staph Aureus MRSA PCR (LAB9295). External nares are the only acceptable sample type for PCR testing. If screening for colonization of other body sites, please order Staph Aureus culture (LAB6003). This change does not affect ordering or collection of routine wound culture (order LAB503), from which we readily detect and report MRSA.  Please see the attached guidance for additional details.

Changes to Microbiology reporting and notification: Following discussions with Infection Prevention and Nursing leadership, Microbiology will no longer fax the unit or include isolation precautions comments in its reports. This change goes into effect 11/2/2021.

For prior guidances, please visit https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://upstate0.sharepoint.com/sites/LaboratoryFormularyCommitteeLabchanges__;!!GobTDDpD7A!ZE9dK0Lwy0Kv1H9EPw3Ehl6mUsNEXvitsvr_nV1xcq9Oi8VaOToiNAxtija9-JsunwoQcxVF$ <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/upstate0.sharepoint.com/sites/LaboratoryFormularyCommitteeLabchanges__;!!GobTDDpD7A!fMqwKEI3JlieL_eF-Vo4vMVj2PNzfXcL0GsxYMLCbL6cXpbRqzmyQKWIxbV1BBgJ8OlmOsFv$>

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