2001.5 Audi S4 Avant (B5)

Vorsprung durch Technik

1 of 853 B5 S4 2001 to 2001.5 6-speed Avants in the US
1 of 1,257 B5 S4 2001 to 2001.5 Avants in the US
1 of 1,540 B5 S4 Avants total in the US
1 of 5,998 2001 to 2001.5 B5 S4s (Avants and Sedans) in the US
1 of 13,547 B5 S4s in the US
* some numbers from S4wiki.com with updates from Silberfiel on AW

My modifications from stock:

18" O.Z. Ultraleggera Wheels
Bridgestone S03 Pole Position Tires
AWE Intercoolers
APR Bipipe
710N Diverter Valves
APR Snub Mount
AWE Boost Gauge
AWE Twin2 Cat-back Exhaust
Apikol Rear Differential Mount
AWE Drivetrain Stabilizer
AWE Pedals
APR 1.0 bar 93 oct ECU program
JHM Short Shifter
Mintex Red Box Rear Brake Pads
Quattroworld.com License Plate Frame(!)

Previous Owner's Modifications:

Blacked-out Audi rings, mirrors, and load bars

Miscellaneous Fun Projects

Catch can installation - my writeup
Cleaned and painted Y-pipe - pics
Undercar and wheel well Rust Bullet application
Rubber rust proofing repair
Brake caliper G2 application

Future Projects

Replace driver's side axle
Check Apikol diff mount
Install Stern differential bushings
Install Vogtland GT Coilovers
Install 034 Street Density Transmission Mounts
Install Alcon Big Brake Kit
Updated Aero Wiper Blades
APR ECU Explorer Logs

Midlife Crisis Project

Tial 605 Turbo Kit w/Inlets
Aquamist HFS-3 Water/Methanol Injection
EPL Software
Install 034 Street Density Engine Mounts
Install ceramic-coated ASP Downpipes
Southbend Stage 5 Clutch with SACHS PP
Bosch 044 Drop-In Fuel Pump
JHM Delrin Shift Rod Bushing
JHM Solid Shift Linkage
Relocate Secondary Water Pump
Lower Temp After Run Coolant Pump Switch
Replace homemade OCC with JHM Vortex OCC
Replace seeping valve cover and oil pan seals
Cruisecam Camera Mount

Repairs/Maintenance since purchase in April 2004

Great car, but not maintenance free!

NYS Inspection
Replace battery
Oil change
Winter floor mats
Purchase winter tires & wheels
Replace clutch
Replace throw-out bearing
Replace pressure plate
Replace flywheel
Lube door hinges
NYS Inspection
Balance front wheels
Replace RF tie-rod end
Front end alignment
Oil change
Oil change
Replace cabin filter
Replace air filter
CEL was on (O2 sensor LF - tested okay)
Replace DS door inner pull handle
Replace sunroof switch
Replace nav controller
Brake fluid flush and fill
Replace nav antenna
New RF door speaker
Retorque rear diff fill plug - seeping
Replace LR wheel bearing
Oil change
NYS Inspection
Oil change
Replace spark plugs
Install K&N air filter
Replace TB belt tensioner
Replace cam tensioner gaskets
Replace timing belt
Replace both TB rollers
Replace water pump
Replace accessory belt
Replace Bank 2 O2 sensor 1 due to CEL
Replace battery
Replace rear brake pads, clean rotors
NYS Inspection
Brake fluid flush and fill
Replace plug on rear diff, clean area
Replace alternator
Replace accesory belt tensioner
Replace coolant with G12+
Change oil
Replace air temp sensor bracket
Replace cabin filter
Replace air filter with OEM
NYS Inspection
Replace Downpipe to Exhaust Clamps
Replace alternator