[LabUpdates] Laboratory Formulary Committee Updates - Send-out testing Delays and Change to Salicylate and Acetaminophen Reporting

Matthew Elkins ElkinsM at upstate.edu
Tue Feb 1 11:02:15 EST 2022

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Medicine and laboratory testing are constantly changing. In an attempt to keep us all on the same page, the Laboratory Formulary Committee will be regularly sending out emails with recent updates and guidances. Below are the short versions of relevant changes. More in-depth resources about the changes are attached.

Send-out Testing Delays:  It has come to the attention of the Reference Testing/Send Outs Lab that due to COVID and on-going staffing and weather issues at various courier facilities (UPS , FedEx, etc), some time-sensitive laboratory tests that have to be shipped directly to the reference lab performing the test may not be received within the required time frame or may be compromised due to a delay in shipping (ex. bone marrow MRD tests). Please be aware that Clinical Pathology will do everything possible to ship these samples in a timely manner, but once the sample leaves Upstate it is beyond our control. Samples that are received outside the required timeframe will be credited and resulted as "Stability limit exceeded when received at reference lab" in Epic.

Change to Salicylate and Acetaminophen Reporting: To better align the reporting of results to common usage, LAB34 Salicylate and LAB2547 Acetaminophen levels will be reported as abnormal (red text with a "^") if any level of these analytes are detected starting February 8, 2022.   This change is being made since these tests are most commonly used looking for overdose and in that situation, any detectable level may be important.  The therapeutic range for each analyte is included as a comment below the test result.  Please see the attached guidance for additional information.

For prior guidances, please visit https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://upstate0.sharepoint.com/sites/LaboratoryFormularyCommitteeLabchanges__;!!GobTDDpD7A!bXM1mrD3_NSTYHjFMkP0RZgf3zx8mtH3eDrKUo27eVCf845uYBFGfL2zb6d3ePsuGQfoIpde$ <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/upstate0.sharepoint.com/sites/LaboratoryFormularyCommitteeLabchanges__;!!GobTDDpD7A!fMqwKEI3JlieL_eF-Vo4vMVj2PNzfXcL0GsxYMLCbL6cXpbRqzmyQKWIxbV1BBgJ8OlmOsFv$>

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